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Snailiad Flipnote by hattukatti!

2011-07-31 08:36:05 by auriplane

I don't actually know what Flipnote is, but this is my favorite thing right now: 1D3B5E@DSi/movie/1D3B5E_0AD9B24A30669_

EDIT: N-Joki made a cool one, too! I saw it a while ago, but I forgot to add a link to it. Sorry!! I love it too XD Here it is: 1F0F2A@DSi/movie/1F0F2A_0ADD8F92EBDB5_

EDITEDIT: Joni/hattukatti made another one!! 1D3B5E@DSi/movie/1D3B5E_0AE6C8D18E637_


2011-07-28 16:51:36 by auriplane

_@__v !!!!

Someone signed up for Wikia as "Auriplane"

2011-07-26 02:19:10 by auriplane

It's flattering that someone would pretend to be me, but I didn't make the Snaily Wikia. Nor do I usually capitalize every word in each sentence ;-)

Check out this person pretending to be me. Pretty funny, huh? Probably no one would ever see it if I didn't link to it, so it's harmless, but...

EDIT: Removing link because I don't want to help its google results placement.

Snailiad video playthrough, NSF files (and map)

2011-06-30 08:19:14 by auriplane

I made a video walkthrough, showing the basic path through the game:

NSF files:

I've added the NSF files to the Snailiad soundtrack page. Originally, I only uploaded MP3s, because the NSF for Moon Snail didn't export correctly. I figured out the problem, though (stray values in the instrument column), and updated the soundtrack page with the NSFs :-)

If you don't know what NSFs are, it's the NES sound format. You can learn about them and download a player for them at! The Snailiad soundtrack was made with Famitracker, a program which can create NSF files.

Snailiad Soundtrack page

Game map:

I want to keep the map on my latest news post, because I doubt most people will click back to see the old ones. So here it is:

Snailiad complete world map

By the way, make sure you check out xdanond's game, RPG Shooter: Starwish! I wrote music for that game :-)

Snailiad Map

2011-06-29 10:54:03 by auriplane

Snaily Game!!!

2011-06-27 11:01:59 by auriplane

Snaily game is finally complete!!

Also, make sure you check out xdanond's game, RPG Shooter: Starwish :-) I wrote the soundtrack for that game! (Except for the shooting level music, which was written by Wohali.)