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Snailiad Flipnote by hattukatti!

2011-07-31 08:36:05 by auriplane

I don't actually know what Flipnote is, but this is my favorite thing right now: 1D3B5E@DSi/movie/1D3B5E_0AD9B24A30669_

EDIT: N-Joki made a cool one, too! I saw it a while ago, but I forgot to add a link to it. Sorry!! I love it too XD Here it is: 1F0F2A@DSi/movie/1F0F2A_0ADD8F92EBDB5_

EDITEDIT: Joni/hattukatti made another one!! 1D3B5E@DSi/movie/1D3B5E_0AE6C8D18E637_


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2011-08-01 05:28:34

Isn't a flipnote just an animation?

auriplane responds:

Apparently :-)


2011-08-07 18:17:33

I can see why it's your favorite thing. :D

auriplane responds:



2011-08-07 23:32:52

Flipnote is an app on the DSi, 3DS or the DSi XL I guess they made it to an actual website now.

auriplane responds:

Ooh, cool. I had no idea. Thanks!


2011-08-21 15:14:46

Snailiad...Best Game Ever!!!!1!!1!! Snaily Snails!!11!!1!!1


2011-08-27 17:54:54

I wonder if I could make an animation of the entire snailiad story as a, a real flipnote with paper and everything...

I'm going to try that right now! :D


2011-12-18 07:23:02

Hi Auriplane! Remember me? (I'm Joni/hattukatti. By the way, thanks for featuring my and my friend's flipnotes on your news entry! We really appreciate it!) Just here to ask you what's going on with the... well, sequel! I won't take 20 years like the part 1 did, won't it? 0_0
P.S. Snailiad is still the best game ever!!

auriplane responds:

Oh, thanks for asking!! I actually spent a bunch of time sitting around playing guitar ^-^;; But I'm getting back to working on the sequel now ^-^ I don't know when it'll be done! It's going to be a bit larger :-D


2012-02-14 12:01:36

Good luck on the Snailiad sequel! :)

auriplane responds:

Hey, thanks! I didn't *really* get started until about a week and a half ago. It's going pretty well! :-)


2013-12-12 11:55:01

R.I.P Flipnote Hatena. That site and that app no longer Works :I

BTW. When is Snailiad sequel coming out?

auriplane responds:

Aww, sad!

And whenever I finish it. I've got six areas done :-) Just needs a bit more love...


2014-04-16 14:55:29

aww... I didn't get to see any of these things.

Also, can't wait for the Snailiad Sequel! I hope the second game will be just as challenging as the first! :D But seriously... I Sun Snail was a pain in the... err.... *insert snail equivalent to arse here*


2016-04-19 19:33:27

It's sad that you kinda left newgrounds..
or did you?

auriplane responds:

I still exist! :-)


2017-05-26 01:30:31

Waaaaaa Auriplaaanneee..... I'm still going to wait for the snailiad sequel no matter what! ;(